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  • Google’s Ban of Obfuscated Code From Web Store Extensions Likely to Affect Cryptojackers


    Google’s new restrictions on Chrome Web Store extensions introduced Monday, October 1, are likely to affect cryptojackers. In a blog post, Google confirmed that as of now, Chrome extensions submitted to the Web Store would not be allowed if they contained “obfuscated” code. Aside from the security implications, obfuscated code, which the post describes as “mainly used […]

  • YouTube Advertisement Is Infected by Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware

    by gulaiym

    The ads were geared to consume 80 percent of the victim's CPU time to "mine" the Monero cryptocurrency, but didn't otherwise harm computers or steal data. "Hey @avast_antivirus seems that you are blocking crypto miners (#coinhive) in @YouTube #ads Thank you :)" tweeted Italian web designer …