Aqua-DIY D100 uses water-based bonding and heat-reflective pigments to meet demand for dark and wood-grain coatings.

Cellular PVC manufacturer Versatex Building Products has partnered with Aqua-DIY, a water-based coating provider for cellular PVC, to create a coating system designed to allow wood-grain finishes and other dark color treatments to resist and reflect heat. This new system will allow both manufacturers to meet a growing consumer demand for darker exterior finishes.

Photo Source: Versatex

Versatex PVC millwork coated in Aqua-DIY D100 Black Arbor pigment.

The base PVC millwork is weather-resistant, emits zero VOCs, and requires no maintenance over time, according to the manufacturer. The new coating, known as Aqua-DIY D100, incorporates heat-reflective pigments that resist heat buildup, and bonds with the PVC it is applied to at the molecular level to prevent chipping and peeling.

“Premium PVC is easy to install, maintenance-free and impervious to moisture and pests,” says Rick Kapres, vice president of sales at Versatex Building Products. “It requires no paints or stains to perform well in any climate, even in coastal situations. However, many clients desire a color other than bright white and, until now, the available color palette with heat-resisting high light reflectance values (LRVs) was limited. That can be a challenge, because low LRVs common with dark colors cause excessive expansion and contraction in any PVC, including Versatex.”

“The solution is a proven, permanent new system for applying any color—even solid black or dark woodgrains—while maintaining high LRVs, and without impairing PVC’s durability, workability or freedom from maintenance,” says Michael Brauel, president of Aqua-DIY parent AquaSurTech OEM.

Products finished with the new Versatex/Aqua-DIY coating carry a joint 15-year warranty from both companies

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