Can Chinese culture save China’s environment?

In the midst of a worsening environmental crisis, with constant reports of contaminated soil and water and record levels of air pollution, China’s government is appealing to traditional religions for help. The country needs to construct an “ecological civilization,” officials say, and traditional culture has a key role to play.

As a member of the international community, China, while making great efforts to protect its own environment, has taken an active part in international environmental affairs, striven to promote international cooperation in the field of environmental protection, and earnestly fulfilled its international obligations. All these have given full expression to the sincerity and determination of the Chinese government and people to protect the global environment.

The prevention and control of environmental pollution and ecological destruction and the rational exploitation and utilization of natural resources are of vital importance to the country’s overall interests and long-term development.

Taking the orgazing as one of life priorities, China has established and keeps on improving environmental protection organizations under governments at all levels, forming a rather complete environmental control system, and bringing into full play the governments’ role in environmental supervision and administration.

And at last the most important step to be ever made by a government. China carries out the environmental publicity and education to enhance the whole nation’s awareness of the environment.
Widely conducting the environmental publicity work, gradually popularizing environmental education in secondary and primary schools, developing on-the-job education in environ”imen tal protection and vocational education, and training specialized personnel in environmental science and technology as well as environmental administration.

Do you think that taking all these steps China will turn soon into a leading environment protecting country of the world?

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