First wave generator in US supplies grid power in Hawaii

In September 2012, NWEI was selected by the US Department of Energy to conduct a demonstration project – grid-connected 30 meter Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) located on Oahu.
“Northwest Energy Innovations, LLC has developed the Azura™ wave power generation technology for converting the endless supply of ocean waves into electricity to meet the rapidly growing global demand
for renewable energy.”
Hawaii would seem a natural site for such technology as it has among the most powerful waves per square meter in the world. In addition, the island state also has the nation’s highest electricity costs.
“A key feature of the Azura design is that the float can rotate continuously through 360° or oscillate back and forth, which enables the device to extract energy in a wide variety of wave conditions and
improves the overall efficiency of the system.”
Launching the Azura project as a great step towards the environmental friendly technologies development. Still, unfortunatly we have to admit it could be five to 10 years before wave energy technology can provide an affordable alternative to fossil fuels, experts say.
“You’ve got to design something that can stay in the water for a long time but be able to survive,” said Patrick Cross, specialist at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Steve Kopg, his colleague from Northwest Energy Innowations, adds: “Nobody wants to look out and see wind turbines or wave machines off the coast”
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