FOS lets you handcraft your own sunglasses from 100% recycled plastic waste

barcelona based studio, FOS, is a brand of sunglasses that allow their clients to make their sunglasses themselves. by choosing the color of the plastic waste flakes and their quantity, according to a formula provided by FOS or made by the client, a unique pair of sunglasses is manufactured within an hour. made from 100% recycled plastic, the frame is designed to be easily recycled, over and over again.

the first model developed is made of only one material, including the hinges and screws, so that at the end of the product’s life it does not become a waste management problem.the sunglasses are provided as a service to incentivize consumers to return their product once they do not want to use it anymore. this ensures the material flow is as closed as possible and will be kept high in the value chain. the service includes frame and temples repairs, screws replacements and lenses renovation. fabrication workshops are held every thursday at the nest city lab in barcelona and spots can be reserved on their website.