NRHA Retailer’s Choice Award honor Ride-Share Technology, Haultail® Delivery and The Last Mile mobile app, most outstanding and innovative products of the 2019 National Hardware Show®

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, May 20, 2019  Haultail® ( was honored as one of the winners of the 2019 NRHA Retailer’s Choice Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Selected by Hardware Retailing’s Retailers’ Choice Panel from over 2,000 products and vendors, the Haultail® mobile Delivery Network – Last Mile, found on both the Apple and Google PLAY stores, was recognized as one of the most outstanding and innovative technology products at the 2019 National Hardware Show® .  

The National Hardware Show® has been serving the home improvement marketplace for more than 70 years, and for 53 of those years, the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) has been a part of the show, recognizing standout products. The NRHA Retailer’s Choice Award is voted on by actual retailers who know the market and their customers’ needs.

Haultail® is a fully automated, community-based delivery network and service that utilizes ride-share technology to pick up and deliver large, bulky, hard to transport purchases or items needed same day within 2 to 4 hours, from retail locations to your driveway. This simple, fast, and reliable service is available for free download on both Android and Apple devices, providing a Truck at Your Fingertips™ whenever you need it.

Haultail® is a secure network that allows customers to schedule their deliveries on a 24/7 basis and to have their purchases retrieved and delivered between 6am to 8pm, 7 days a week.  

“What is unique about this [Haultail®] is that it is not actually a product,” says Dan Tratensek, Executive Vice President at NRHA and publisher of Hardware Retailing magazine, “it is a unique service…it is basically like the DoorDash or Uber of delivery service.” When a customer needs something delivered from their local retailer, they can use the app to determine the size of truck needed depending on the kind of product and the size of the load.  Our carefully vetted drivers then safely deliver the product to the customer’s home during a pre-selected delivery window. “[It is] incredibly easy and really forward thinking,” continues Tratensek. “It is something you are going to start seeing more and more of.”

Cody Goeppner from Bleyhl Co-op in Washington, who also judged and presented the award, elaborated at the reception that “we [the retailers] have delivery options within our store but we can’t hit every single one of our customers. There are some that you are still coming up short with, so to be able to use or promote a service like that, that internally they [the customers] can work with seems like an awesome partnership.”

Joseph Franquinha, from Crest NYC, further elaborates that sometimes retailers in urban environments cannot afford to have a delivery option available or space can be limited, making parking a delivery van or delivery car difficult. This makes Haultail® as a service a tremendous asset to both the company and the customer.  

The judges kept in mind the things that retailers in their locations may not be able to offer. Tratensek pointed out that most retailers do not offer the option to have junk hauled from one location to another. Franquinha went on to remark on “an example that they [Haultail®] gave me” as to how their service might be usefully applied, “when you buy some stuff off of Craigslist but maybe don’t want to go to this sketchy Craigslist apartment…Let this guy do it for me!”

Haultail® will be featured in featured in the July issue of the Hardware Retailing published by the North American Retail Hardware Association.

“What makes this award such an honor for us is that it recognizes Haultail® as a technology that fills a need for both retailers and consumers,” says Bruce Williams, CEO.

Haultail® has successfully launched its Beta service in Honolulu, Hawaii and the surrounding areas. While working in Hawaii, Haultail® has been able to prove that its ride-share based technology not only has a market but that the need for the service will only continue to expand. Haultail® is set to conduct its first full-market launch in Phoenix, Arizona and the immediate surrounding regions. The service will become available nationwide over the course of this year and next.  

Haultail® – Coming Soon to a Highway Near You™!  

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Download the Haultail® app, available for both iOS and Android users, today by following the links below. By downloading the Haultail® consumer app you can order your first Haultail® to pick up and deliver your recent purchase from a retail store to your driveway. When you download the Haultail® Driver app you have access to get qualified as a driver and start working on your own schedule.




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