Quick Tips for Summer Succulent Planting

Summer is a wonderful time to start a new garden or just start planting succulents! Plants are a wonderful way to bring life to an area that needs a little change! Here are some great tips for planting succulents!

Common Succulent Mistakes

  • Placing them in a poorly lit area
  • Watering too much
  • Using standard potting soil
  • Crowding them together
  • Growing unrealistic varieties

See the list below for more information on all these point!

  1. Make sure your succulent or cacti is in a well lit area! Plants need sunlight to grow big and strong! You can keep your plants next to a window or even outside to make sure they are getting the proper sunlight.
  2. Over watering succulents can cause root rot! This means the roots literally rot and your plant isn’t going to last too long. Make sure you give them just the right amount of water. You can use your finger to test how wet the soil is to make sure you to water more!
  3. Standard potting soil will hold on to too much moisture and can cause root rot as well! There are special soils for succulents that are available at your local big box stores.
  4. If you are new to planting succulents make sure you are potting them in a large enough pot or separately so they have enough room to grow. Overcrowding can harm your plants!
  5. Don’t go for all the crazy expensive varieties of succulents if you are just starting out! Try the JADE PLANT to start out with! It is a great starter plant and easy to take care of!


If you want more of the same succulent you can clip a healthy piece off your living plant and sticking the clipped end into the soil. New roots will grow! You can do this in a new pot or in the same pot as the original plant but don’t forget about overcrowding!



Paint your terra-cotta pots to match your home! It is a fun activity to do with friends and family! This is a wonderful way to bring your own ideas and art into your home! They also make wonderful gifts!