5 Tips to Plan a Green 4th of July Party

By Christopher Thompson

Are you hosting a 4th of July party this year? You may be feeling overwhelmed by the entire process…  from finalizing the invite list, to planning the menu, to purchasing decorations, organizing games, and of course—cleaning up the mess. There are so many moving parts that you probably haven’t considered how to turn this year’s Independence party into an environmentally friendly bash. That’s where we come in. Allow the team at Liberty Power to help you plan a memorable 4th of July—that just so happens to be green.

Tip 1 – Skip paper & plastic

If you’re having a small party with friends and family, consider skipping paper plates and plastic cups this year. Paper and plasticware undoubtedly offer convenience, but they also add unnecessary cost to your party budget and indirectly contribute to global warming.

While these items can technically be recycled when cleaned and in good condition, they often end up in the trash instead, clogging landfills and releasing toxic carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Why not skip the paper plates this year and recruit a few kitchen helpers to form a quick rinse and dry assembly line instead?

Tip 2 – Make it easy for guests to recycle

Even when you do your best to avoid paper & plastic, 4th of July parties will undoubtedly incorporate these items along with a mountain of beer bottles and soda cans. The best way to ensure these items are recycled is to make it as easy as possible for guests. For every trash can, consider placing sorted recycling bins right next to it. You’ll want to use a bin for aluminum cans, one for plastics and one for paper items. This renewable party tip will eliminate any confusion your guests may have, and ensure your recyclables avoid the landfills this year.

You may also be eligible to get money back by returning glass and cans to your local grocery store. Check out the list of states with Bottle Bills to find out if you can make money on your 4th of July recycling.

Tip 3 – Make frozen treats at home

Frozen treats are the perfect complement to sweaty summer days, however, many packaged popsicles and ice creams come with layers of plastic wrap that can’t be recycled. A fun, alternative to store-bought desserts are homemade sweets! You can make your own popsicles and frozen desserts at home with fruit juice, yogurt, and other common ingredients. The best part is these are quick and easy, crowd pleasing treats that can help save the environment. They can also save you money by eliminating the need to ransack the frozen food aisle of your local Costco for prepackaged goods. Check out this recipe for red, white and blue berry ice pops for inspiration!

Tip  4 – Party outside with 4th of July games

As long as you have frozen treats, cold refreshments and entertainment, the summer heat is a welcomed addition to any 4th of July party. Spending time outdoors instead of inside means that you don’t have to blast the A/C or keep the lights running all day. By hosting a party outdoors, you are reducing non-renewable energy usage, and lowering your electricity bill in the process. Win, win! Now you only need to add a few games to the mix and your guests will forget about the house altogether. A few classics are bocci ball, dominoes, volley ball, frisbee, and bean bag toss, but the possibilities are endless. Check out this list of 21 themed games for 4th of July.

Tip 5 – Save your 4th of July decorations for next year

Once the 4th of July party is over, consider saving decorations for the next Independence Day shin dig or repurpose them into all-year décor. Many 4th of July decorations have neutral color schemes that can be used to decorate the house throughout the year or for occasions like block parties, and birthdays. Plastic products can last a long time and reusing and repurposing your decorations can save money, while also protecting the environment. Check out these tips on how to reuse and repurpose your 4th of July ornaments for all year home décor and holiday fun.

The 4th of July is a special day when we can all take a few moments to celebrate the United States of America and take pride in its rich history. Independence Day is also the perfect excuse to spend time with friends and family and we hope that our tips will help you plan the perfect party, reduce costs, and help sustain a clean energy future for this great nation.