Tag: Energy Consumption

  • Earth in 2050 is A Scary Place!


    The report predicts that, as a direct result of increased energy consumption, there will be a 70-percent increase in energy-oriented carbon dioxide emissions, and an overall increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 50 percent. This would correlate to a rise in global average temperature between 3° C and 6° C above preindustrial levels. Air pollution […]

  • Energy Consumption Might Bring Bitcoin-Blockchain To A Halt

    by gulaiym

    Along with the skyrocketing value and gyrations in exchange prices of Bitcoin and other, popular digital cryptocurrencies, recent developments and events have raised serious doubts regarding much-touted claims that blockchain distributed trading and transaction systems are as secure and tamper-proof as they are made out to be. Furthermore, serious doubts are being raised regarding the […]