DIY Tin-Lanterns for Fall

These embellished pumpkin cans will brighten up your porch or walkway for trick-or-treaters.

Tools you’ll need:

  • 12-gauge embossed apple green aluminum wire
  • Metal Cans (any size you want! Reuse coffee cans!!)
  • Nail and Hammer


1. Draw pumpkin design on metal can with permanent marker. Fill can with water and freeze.

2. With a nail and a hammer, poke holes every ¼” to ½” along the design. Poke a hole on either side at the top for a handle.

3. Once water has melted and can is dry, apply orange spray paint; let dry.

4. Cut a 24” piece of wire and coil around the marker. Stretch out and hook into holes on sides.


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