New Apartments that Cater to the Needs of Disabled Homeless Veterans

A big moment for veterans across the Grand Strand happened Wednesday when the Myrtle Beach Housing Authority hosted a ribbon cutting for the Carver Grove Apartments.

The new complex, which is made up of eight one-bedroom apartments, is designed to specifically meet the needs of disabled and homeless veterans. The first-floor units are fully mobility accessible.

Second-floor units include sensory adaptations for veterans with sight or hearing impairments. There are also four units set aside for homeless veterans under the HUD/VASH program.

“I am excited about this; this is something tangible we’re all doing together for veterans, right?” said Noel Cuff, HUD/VASH program supervisor. “We’re all serving veterans so I can’t thank you enough for putting forth the effort to make this happen.”

The Carver Grove Apartments are located on Carver Street in Myrtle Beach. Veterans can apply for housing at the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach on 10th Avenue North.

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