DIY Paper Ornaments to Make with Kids

Turn patterned card stock into three-dimensional ornaments in just 7 steps. Match the papers’ colors and patterns to your home’s decor or choose holiday-specific patterns and use the paper ornaments, instead of a traditional bow, to top wrapped gifts.

Materials Needed:

  • assorted patterned card stock
  • large, scallop-edge circle punch
  • repositionable adhesive dots or double-sided tape
  • sewing needle and thin twine
  • craft pearls or decorative beads

Select Then Punch Paper

Choose a variety of decorative, patterned card stock. Use a large, scallop-edge paper punch to cut seven circles out of different patterns of card stock.

Fold Paper

Fold all seven paper circles in half, decorative side in.

Adhere Circles

Use repositionable adhesive dots or double-sided tape to adhere all but one of the circles together, wrong side to wrong side.

Thread Pearl and Knot Twine

Use a sewing needle to thread a 8″-10″ piece of thin twine through a craft pearl or decorative bead. Create a triple knot below the craft pearl or decorative bead to secure it.

Apply Adhesive

Apply a line of adhesive dots or double-sided tape along the seam of the last folded circle.

Attach Twine

Position the pearl or bead at the bottom edge of the scalloped circle and create a loop with the rest of the twine. Push down on the twine so that it sticks to the adhesive or double-sided tape.

Glue Circles Together to Create Ornament

Apply more adhesive dots or double-sided tape to the half circles on the left and right side of the twine. Stick the last two half-circles together to secure the twine then glue all seven circles together, wrong side to wrong side, and hang completed ornament on a tree using the loop at the top.

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