DIY Holiday Decorations Spice Up the Holidays

Christmas is right around the corner and there is ALWAYS more to get done! Here are 3 more decoration ideas that are super easy, low maintenance, and great to use year after year!

Turn Beach Treasures Into a Garland

Mix summer memories in with your holiday decorations this year by stringing sand dollars, starfish and shells onto narrow rope or twine. To attach the starfish, carefully drill a small hole near the end of one arm then slide the twine through. Just loop the twine through the hole on each sand dollar and attach shells either by tying them on or with a dollop of hot glue.

Yarn-Wrapped Pinecones

If you have evergreens around your home, mounds of pinecones are a familiar sight. Put nature’s castoffs to good use by simply wrapping brightly colored yarn around the scales, keeping the yarn tightly tucked toward the pinecone’s center. Secure the yarn’s end with a dot of glue.

Grapevine Wreath Outdoor Snowman

Small, medium and large grapevine wreaths stacked, then held together with twine or wire form a woodsy snowman you can make in a jiffy to add holiday cheer — indoors or out.