Irish Business Hopes To Prevent Climate Change True Blockchain

Blockchain as a core technology has the potential to reshape our lives, although most projects focus on the technology and how to disrupt mainstream industry. The underlying technology has not been tapped efficiently by founders to deliver Social Impact projects. Too many focus on using the ICO mechanism to raise the money and miss the potential to be remembered for something far greater. But they are on their way.

Is Blockchain falling short of delivering for Social Impact?

I have said many times the potential for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and DLT is not to deliver payments cheaper and faster or to allow people to share supply chain information, to improve the commercial lending process…as these tend to deliver for companies and their owners, albeit they are meant to deliver decentralised benefits and for some they will.

The killer use cases today create a new Blockchain and propositions that goes faster, to deliver fairer gaming and gambling apps, for trusted algorithmic trading, for transparent insurance, for open banking, for secure wealth management. Although these do stick it to the man and I would not decry them in any way, but for me it has to be about delivering Social Impact.

We need entrepreneurs who see the potential to change the world

The ambition has to be to leverage this decentralised technology to deliver a revolution, for the people, delivered right to the people on do it on mass. The focus to make a difference to the broader society at large, empower ordinary people, engage the masses who need to and want to be engaged, to do the things that governments are not prepared to, to fill the void left by corporations, responding to the inadequate plans and funding and the things simply ignored.

Many people are confused, do not know what to do next. The big question: how to use Blockchain technology for the good of everyone? But I have no doubt that technology without government manipulation can and will deliver for the people, and potentially save our planet.

I am not a tree hugger or green warrior but I really do care. I am a Cypherpunk (not Cyberpunk), a group of people that believe the widespread use and adoption of Cryptography (the basis of Blockchain) can lead to massive political and social good. Delivering a fundamental behavioural shift to progress, protect and advance mankind, so that the protectionist government, personal greed and agenda is not able to stand in the way of progress for all of us…

Blockchain is about to take on the world’s biggest issue = Climate Change

There is a no bigger issue right now than Climate Change.  There is no way of denying that our planet and its people endure more severe storms, shifts in weather patterns that are having a direct impacting our food chain, our water supply and is contributing to the scenario for mass migration of people.

Climate Change is the top issue for the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and then we have the Paris Agreement…feels busy, like progress is being made… But the peopleremain concerned not enough is being done, see now evidence and feel completely disempowered. Feeling helpless and with no incentive to do anything. All believing their tiny contribution cannot possibly make a difference, and that any contribution ends up in the wrong hands, so why bother.

There is no means or facility for ‘the people’ to make a direct contribution, and yes you guessed it until now… Until I came across a project called The Living Offset.

An eco system that comes with a simple to use mobile app that allows literally everyone and yes you guessed it, to offset their carbon footprint. It is the work of pure genius. With all carbon offset of human activity recorded on the Blockchain. It makes so much sense and opens up a world of opportunity.

With LivingOffset everyone can make a contribution by offsetting the carbon footprint of their daily activity, driving to work, that cup of coffee, the morning shower, encouraging us all to make small adjustments to our way of living by making the small carbon offset contributions in our lifestyle behaviours, that add up to reducing our planets temperature.  The are real measurable efforts to slow down the immediate rise in temperature that is causing our seas to rise, leading to animal extinctions and unknown to most, adding to the daily cost of our lives anyway.  The increasing insurance and food costs, costs of fuel as governments take entirely the wrong approach to something that impacts us all. Governments that reply on us all to be knowingly ignorant and make efforts to mislead us all.

The greatest reward Blockchain delivers is trust, openness and it is censorship resistant, that once out of the box there is nothing government can do to stop it. There are no rules that say you cannot offset your 250mg carbon footprint of your Starbucks by spending 5 cents, a powerful contribution matched by large corporations as part of their CSR (10 cents), that is used to offset the carbon and the surplus goes towards renewable and green energy projects.

Every little helps but…it is a thin façade of effort. Pret a Manger recently announced if you use your paper coffee cup again you get 25p off the next cup, which sounds great, but they don’t tell specifically what they will do with the savings from using the paper cups… And then UK Liberal party suggest a Paper Cup Tax and we are assured the income will not go towards climate impact, renewable or green projects. The opportunity to get involved starts in March 2018.

We will all learn to Offset our carbon footprint

Offsetters are a breed of empowered people who know they are slowing down the rate our planet is heating up. They have a new confidence and assured the carbon offset is actually happening, that UN standards are being met, and most importantly their can see the contributions and participate in renewable projects.

The Offsetters are a global community that can see the difference they are making recorded on the Blockchain. A permanent record of the recovery of our planet, one cup of coffee and one person at a time…

LivingOffset is a demonstration of what can be achieved with the Blockchain at its heart, a mechanism for galvanising the spirit of people that delivers the freedom for the individual to do things on their terms. Think what 1m people, 30million people, 200million people can do, then think of billions of offset contributions generating funding for renewables, for clean energy, alternate mobility and creating new infrastructure free from government manipulation and empty promises.

LivingOffset’s business model like UBER and Airbnb taps into and unlocks demand that is already there. Hundreds of millions of similarly concerned people now have the power to make what ever contributions they feel comfortable with, and can witness the real impact of their efforts where all carbon offset activities and renewable projects are for all to see. No government cover ups, lies and misleading data and statistics.

Blockchain finally delivers for the people, our communities and our planet for generations to come. What is not to like.