This Week Top 10 Beauty Products On Instagram

From bestie-ready workouts to an elevated means of moisturizing, the week’s best beauty Instagrams were a study in reinvigorated routines. Georgia Fowler hopped a flight to Sydney, and an adorable munchkin—in this case, the muse’s platinum-maned niece. Elsewhere, model Bambi Northwood-Blyth exchanged a sheet mask for a snorkel mask, while Sara Sampaiosaved her goggle-framed selfies for St. Mortiz’s snowy peaks.

Los Angeles found runway mainstay Kaia Gerber taking a break from fashion in favor of a turn in the boxing ring, her brunette bound in a duo of French braided plaits that offered a girlish edge to her menacing, competition-ready stare. And just as Dilone‘s tandem fitness routine—performed alongside model Destene Kinser—was an aspirational invitation to revisit the fun-levels of exercise regimens, Tracee Ellis Ross‘s patented circulation-stimulating hydration tap is cause for a skincare revolution. The takeaway? The best time to infuse habitual beauty moves with a bit of playfulness is in the dead of winter.