Changing Our Culture

Understanding and compassion are the tools to evolve our culture.

Our societal structure is not some randomly drawn immaculate conception of an intrusive external structure. It is a collection of agreements we have made time and again, over the course of thousands of years. An evolutionary unfoldment that has yet to catch up with the truth of our times.

We have cognitive programs that still act as though bears are going to attack at any time and a temperance of resources that has us believe that their is scarcity at the bottom. 

This is false.

The likelihood of being eaten by a bear is impressively slim, and there are enough resources to satisfy all of our needs if we are willing to be truly responsible in their consumption.

It is not the greed of the elite that is the problem, but the systemic grasping for more which lives in the hearts and minds of our entire species. We must begin to change our hearts if we truly want to change our cultural woes. 

The change will not come as a result of anger and violence but from our decision to show up with hearts fully actualized and inviting others into a conversation of transformative connection. 

Understanding and Compassion.

These will be the tools we will use to evolve our culture and call us back from the brink of destruction. It is in the hearts of the people that this change will take root and as we grow and spread and share and connect, we will begin to transform our world.

It can be no other way. We have no other choice in the matter. 

If we do not change our trajectory, we will not survive.