Digital Signage for Lobbies

By Alex Mardikian

Digital Signage is versatile. If you wish to create an impression on visitors to your property, then install digital signage in the lobby. As we shall see, you can accomplish multiple objective by doing this.

With time, you will save money and also convey messages easily as compared to regular, analog signage in the lobby.

The content you display on lobby signages can be as varied and engaging as you wanted to be. One of the attractions of DOOH is that content management is simple.

Hotels use attractive images to highlight attractions nearby, display positive customer reviews, and acknowledge guests. Corporate offices deploy DOOH for internal communications and communicating with remote employees. Schools, colleges, and universities use digital signage in the lobbies to update students about college activities, declare results, and share information of interest with teachers, students and parents. Hospitals use digital signage in lobbies to direct entrants to the proper departments, display timings and share hospital rules and regulations. With banks, waiting in queues becomes far less tiresome with the digital signage display that is interesting, and content that is informative.

Digital signage offers many benefits and advantages over traditional lobby signage. As mentioned above, it is very easy to update digital lobby signs. This allows you benefit from potentially profitable changes in business scenarios in real time.

Digital signage enlivens a lobby. You can share different types of content on a single screen. The screens are interactive and boost engagement rates, so that you can drive viewers to actions that ultimately prove beneficial to both – your business and the viewer.

A digital screen or a video wall in the lobby spruces up the look of the entire space.

The biggest benefit of digital screens in the lobby is that it can help visitors in myriad ways. The guest experience can be enhanced by means of digital wayfinding, flashing the best deals, displaying itineraries, and personalized announcements too.

Digital signage also helps to significantly bring down the workload of employees, who can be freed from mundane tasks, and take on jobs that add more value to the business.

The digital signage displays in lobbies can prime viewers for further targeted information displayed in washrooms through VODXS faucet-based ad systems