Large UHD digital displays differentiate fashion retailers from the competition

A storefront says a lot about a business, it is the first impression a customer will see of the brand. To create a positive perception, businesses need innovative digital displays. Retailers must present creative content to stand out among their competitors. One way they can do this is by leveraging digital displays to effectively promote their brands while attracting the attention of shoppers.

Creating an enticing shopping experience is more important than ever, as shoppers are going online to purchase products. To entice them to return, retailers are introducing digital displays throughout their stores turning them into an ultra-modern space with high-quality images highlighting the products. By creating this atmosphere, consumers are more likely to visit the stores again and retailers will realize an increase in revenue.

Retailers need displays that are not only large but also support UHD-quality content in order to promote their brand effectively. Generally, when displaying content in UHD or less resolution on a large display, the images or text appear grainy, delivering inferior branding images to consumers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Samsung’s digital signage produces clear, detailed and vibrant images despite its large size, supporting UHD-quality content.

Powerful displays deliver outstanding quality for retailers

For retailers to transform its store into an inviting setting, they must deliver high-quality content to play on the digital displays. Samsung SMART signage not only highlights UHD content but also uses innovative technology to upgrade content from any source to UHD level. Retailers can utilize this feature to improve the viewing experience without spending a great deal of money.

Not only do Samsung’s digital displays include a unique technology that can enhance current content to be as vibrant and heightened as HDR but this HDR+ technology modernizes images and videos to be true-to-life, ultra-realistic and clear. By processing the content with Samsung’s SMART signage, even the minor details in the brightest or darkest pictures are crisp with clean edges.

Included in Samsung SMART signage is the system-on-chip (SoC) that integrates a built-in media player and a processor. An embedded quad core CPU allows users to play UHD content smoothly without interruption. With three layers of security, retailers are ensured that content will not be accessed by others that are not part of their business. Users can also troubleshoot multiple displays at one time with centralized device management tools.

Reinventing the retail industry

Retailers have to change the way they interact with consumers and find a solution to set them apart from the competition, and Samsung’s SMART signage is that solution. This innovative solution offers retailers the option to present their brand through bright visuals. Samsung SMART signage supports larger sized displays that range from 65-inches to 98-inches for maximum impact.

Retailers are creating a unique shopping experience that increases purchasing decisions and makes the consumers want to return. Backed by Samsung’s technologies, retailers can present consumers with product information through brilliant content that boosts customer satisfaction. With various options to choose from, Samsung SMART signage is the ideal addition to any retail space.