Using Digital Signage for Telling a Story

By Alex Mardikian

Digital signage lets you present your brand to an audience that is not dissimilar to the one watching a film in a theatre. Of course, this presupposes that the content you display is as engaging as a smash hit film. An interactive, engaging, and immersive experience by digital signage lets brands communicate far and wide. You can create impressions that will last, and lead to profitable action for you and the viewers. VODXS faucet-based ads are a brilliant concept that can be used on their own or synergistically with digital signage displays across different locations. VODXS ad systems positioned in public washrooms provide deep insight into a brand in a private setting where you have a viewer’s undivided attention.

To really crack the digital signage code, you need to have balance of technology, art and craft. Once you have the hardware and software place, you can focus more on artful and engaging content. The craft lies in the ability to repeat rewarding content successfully. Digital signage will work for you till such time when you can tell engaging stories. That the stories need to be relevant does not need stating. The scope of the stories can be as broad or narrow as you want it to be.

The beauty of digital signage lies in the fact that it allows you to tell stories through which you can take the viewers on a guided tour of your brand. OOH is not about hard sell.  Brand building requires skillful narration, and digital signage is the perfect tool for such narratives across different locations to reach out to a wide cross-section of the desired audience. All the elements that go into the making and building of a brand can be displayed and shared through digital signage. For example, you can share and promote the values that drive your brand. You can share the vision of the brand’s founder. You can promote the high achievers from your company. Every such narrative is guaranteed to touch a chord with your audience. Outreach is, by nature, very personal. Digital signage can display information that is adapted in real time to signals received from smartphones through NFC or Bluetooth. With digital signage, you have the opportunity to alter your message in real time, adapting to the audience that encounters it. Digital content can evolve according to the personalized information it receives from sensors and data sets.