Will Batteries Now be Made Out of Paper?

If biodegradable, paper-based batteries created at Binghamton University, State University of New York, become a reality and gain mass acceptance, it will be a huge step towards the efforts for a clean and pollution free environment.

Such batteries will greatly reduce pollution, particularly in places like Hawaii where land is at a premium, and landfills are simply not an alternative. These self-sustaining bio batteries are relatively easy to produce and are actually biodegradable.

The batteries are manufactured from a mix of paper and synthetic polymers. The biodegradation happens naturally, you don’t need catalysts, special facilities, triggers or the introduction of microorganisms to initiate the breakdown process.

The battery is designed such that output can be increased by simply stacking paper polymer batteries one on top of the other. These lightweight batteries can definitely go a long way in eliminating electronic waste that is laying waste too large swathes of land within city limits and outside.


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