Who is American CRYOstem, Their Technology and Partners.

Interest and exploration of Regenerative Medicine is at its highest in the 21st Century. A result of this intensive interest in the field of Stem-Cells is American CryoStem Corporation (CRYO), a company founded in 2008, rising steeply in the midst of America’s Great Recession to push the envelope of Regenerative and Personalized Medicine, pioneering biotechnology and developing technologies that standardize adipose tissues.

The aim of American CryoStem is to elevate the human body from a complex mass of flesh and bone susceptible to degeneration and decay into a healthy and functioning mechanism replenished by regeneration. From individuals to families, its support is unequivocal.

american-cryostem-554x554Operating from Princeton, New Jersey, CRYO boasts a plethora of world-class patented technologies and intellectual properties in an FDA-registered facility that works on Regenerative and Personalized Medicine by collecting and processing, running bio-banks, culturing and differentiating autologous adipose tissue (fat) and adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs).

CRYO is constantly establishing laboratory affiliates around the globe, with China, Hong Kong, and Japan operating on collecting, processing and delivering Stem Cell. Thanks to the technologies at hand, the shipment of processed cellular samples are delivered in countries where cellular therapy has a licensed approval, to the benefit of various treatment facilities.

american-cryostem-260x260-1Adipose Tissue is clinically processed for both individuals and physicians to avail a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive benefits, such as transferring of fat to the face, buttocks, breasts and hands. But, apart from its cosmetic appliance, the processing of adipose tissue helps in creating cellular samples that can be used in various Regenerative and Personalized Medicine or in anti-aging formulations derived from a client’s own stem cells to rejuvenate and repair ageing skin.

Not only does CRYO’s commercial offerings help in cosmetic regeneration, the services also cryopreserved adipose tissues and cellular samples to reprocess into SVF or Differentiated Cells or into ADSCs.

CRYO strives to maintain the epitome of cell quality and sterility by ensuring that each process is uncontaminated, through stringent tests and strict management of its tissue processing. Both aerobic – bacteria – and anaerobic – yeast & fungi – samples are tested multiple times to identify any possible contamination and tissue viability, while differentiated and expanded cells undergo more testing to ensure purity.

american-cryostem-260x260-2American CryoStem Corporation (CRYO) has a number of international partners, from laboratories to universities. Institutes like the University of Miami, Rutgers University, Washington University, Julius Maximilians-Universitat Wurzburg, and the Da Vinci Centre for Wellness and Alternative Therapies aid and benefit from the research and processing done at CRYO, while Biolife Cell Bank, Peprotech, Protein Genomics, Autogenesis, Personal Cell Sciences, Cell On Ice Cryopreservation, and Integra further the work done by CRYO in tandem.

CryoStem has two international licensee partners, Cell Source and Health Innovative Technology Corporation Limited, the former of which operates in Japan and works with CRYO to expand its cellular therapy techniques and the latter , based in Greater China, offers its support and research internationally, while aiding the health industry by importing and availing services of the best in line life science technologies.
CryoStem has made several significant developments in its near-decade history and constantly strives to doing more, being more, to achieve more and explore the vast possibilities of Stem Cell Regeneration.

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