Beauty or junk? Vintage cars go up for auction in Placer County

When Dan and Cynthia Hitchner were going through their late father’s property, they found what looked like a bunch of junky old cars. However, celebrity auctioneer Dan Dotson saw something more behind the old facade of vintage cars.

The Hitchners said the 6 acres of old cars looked more like a Steven King horror movie, but once they began doing some research, they discovered how valuable the rare Powells, Metropolitans and other cars dating back to the late 1940s and ’50s really were.

The issue for the Hitchners was how to sell the car collection. Listing each one individually was too much work, and no auction house seemed interested until Dotson, from the reality show “Storage Wars,” called and offered to host a barn and auction sale in April.

“He said, ‘No, don’t move; don’t clean them,'” Cynthia Hitchner said. “This is what they want.”

The auction is set to take place at noon on April 28 at 1185 Taylor Road in Newscastle.