How Blockchain Can Solve Identity Theft Problem.

Identity theft is a serious problem. Any dead person’s identity can be taken with ease. Criminals use this identity to commit crimes and they easily get away with it. With the incorporation of Blockchain we can put an end to this.

Let me explain to you with an example scenario:

  1. Let us say that a person “A” has died.
  2. We should have the death certificate and the other important identities of “A” hashed on a blockchain.
  3. An application could be developed, with a design similar to a decentralized to-do list where all the details of the person can be aggregated in a list and then hashed.
  4. Security authorities can be given access to this blockchain.
  5. Now let us assume that a criminal “C” takes the identity of “A”, and is trying to enter a country with A’s passport. When the security authorities scans the passport, the data matches with a data on blockchain and the criminal is caught red-handed. Bingo!

This is my approach to solving the identity theft problem.

“Cyber resilience is not solely a concern for companies, it’s a societal and government stake.”― Stephane Nappo.

Towards a Safe and Secure Future, Cheers!