McDonald’s splits Twitter with return of pumpkin pie

Everyone who’s anyone knows that the best autumnal dessert of all time is pumpkin pie. If you’re like us, not a day goes by without fantasizing about a fat slice slopped with Cool Whip. If you can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day to indulge in the fall-favorite sweet, you’ll be happy to know you won’t have to. McDonald’s is bringing back the festive sister-pastry of the apple pie and — you guessed it — it’s a pumpkin-filled turnover-style pie dusted in cinnamon sugar.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the seasonal offering is back in select restaurants in the U.S., where the pies are baked fresh daily. According to Brand Eating, the sweet treat is being sold for 89 cents per pie or $1.50 for two. In 2011, the blogger taste-tested the limited-edition item and found it “on the bland side.” Albeit that was seven years ago, so it’s likely the chain has upped its flavor game since.

As always, people on Twitter have are divided about the seasonal release.

“It tastes like the ghost of pumpkin pie,” @PeteGKing said.

“If you eat that pumpkin pie from McDonald’s… it’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with you,” @AyeJuice21 said.

“McDonald’s pumpkin pie > any other fast food non-ice cream dessert,” @JacobTamme said. “Chick-fil-A choc chip cookie very very close second.”

“I gotta admit… That pumpkin pie is pretty flawless @McDonalds,” @Justin_Forshaw said.

“Whoever at McDonald’s accidentally put a pumpkin pie in an apple pie package and gave it to me — I owe you my life this is so GOOD,” @Azelpop said.

OK, so it probably doesn’t compare to the real deal, but if you won’t survive without it until Turkey Day, this could be a viable option — especially if you’re also in the mood for nuggets and fries. Alternately, you could head to Costco for a legitimate (and humungous) budget-friendly pumpkin pie with quite the cult following.