Eco-friendly gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly of holidays. And yes, it has been horribly commercialized, and if you’re green of heart, you may feel inclined to ignore it altogether. But still there is no bad day to tell someone that you love and appreciate their presence in your life. So don’t despair heart eco-conscious sweethearts!
Lets have a look at some eco-friendly ideas for presents displaying your love without being harmful for environment
1. Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day Cards
Nothing says I love you like the actual words, written down on paper. Getting love notes on Valentine’s Day is an age-old tradition, so this year, why not scribble those sweet nothings into an adorable card printed on recycled paper with non-toxic inks?
2. Adopt an Animal

Have you ever dreamed about adopting a tiger? Everything is possible now. Conservation organizations, city zoos, and organizations like the ASPCA and WWF run animal adoption campaigns during the Valentine’s season. If your sweetie has a soft spot for animals, there’s no better gift than knowing that one is being protected in their name with the small adoption monthly payment to support your new family memeber in his nature life over there
3. Chocolates With a Difference
Chocolate is practically a health food these days. There are vegan, organic and even sugar free blends that use Xylitol or Stevia instead of chemical sugar substitutes. A bit of dark, organic chocolate gives your heart, mood and skin a boost thanks to all the antioxidants, anandamide and other naturally occurring chemicals in this wonder food.
4. An Acre Of Rainforest
What’s more romantic than carving your names into a tree? Funding an entire acre of rainforest in your beloved’s name. The World Land Trust operates a Buy An Acre fundthat allows you to fund the protection of rainforest lands across Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina against illegal logging and habitat destruction, while Rainforest Concernuses donations to support acres in places from Chile to Sri Lanka
5. Seeds Of Love
Save the glitter bombs and restrain yourself from store-bought confetti. They may look romantic, but showering somebody in them can have a severe environmental impact. Instead, go for heart-shaped plantable eco-confetti. Sprinkled over everything in sight, they’re adorable; but they really come into their own when they’re put to work in soil afterwards, and sprout with wildflowers including daisies and snapdragons. A long-lasting gift that won’t drive you mad when you find it under the couch six months later.
6.Living Plants
While pretty, cut flower bouquets have a sordid history. Many are grown on vast farms that use tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and don’t treat their workers very well. Instead of giving a flower that’s half dead already, give a living plant from a local nursery that will cleanse the air for years to come.
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